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LebTalks Consulting and Projects

Headed by its founder Christiane Gemayel who comes with 20 years of experience and expertise in the world of media and political strategies, Lebtalks Consulting and Projects offers a variety of services with the support of a highly qualified team of senior journalists as well as advisors with different backgrounds adding more richness to solutions offered. The firm/company focuses on delivering political consultancies, advise on media campaigns, developing political marketing strategies, rebranding, organizing electoral campaigns in addition to social and relief campaigns.

Lebtalks Consulting and Projects works on adopting the latest technical developments and relies heavily on openness to the public through the use of social networks and traditional media channels.

LebTalks’ methodology in media and political consulting is based on thoroughly studying the challenges and providing its insights to address these challenges.

Our company also owns a digital media platform and a a modern website which includes the web tv parameters.

Lebtalks is a space for everyone in an environment that does not reject anyone and a participatory policy with the observer that adopts modern interactive means, especially social media while preserving the tradition of traditional journalism.